Where were you born:      

I was born in Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth and I grew up near by in a small town called Waterlooville in Hampshire.

Where do you live now:      

I currently live in Shoreditch, London.

Where are your mother and father from and if you would like to a line or two about them:

My mothers name is Brenda Phillips, she works as a finance officer in a high school. My fathers name is Steven Phillips and he works for an engineering firm. Both my parents also grew up in Hampshire which means family was always close by.

A couple of things of which you have done or are doing now and your inspiration and reasons for doing them:

I have always been a tomboy. When I was younger I loved being active and loved sports. I wanted to try as many things as possible. I did football, netball, athletics, kayaking, horse riding and more. I was also into the arts but that developed more with age. Trying music lessons and also joining a youth theatre when I was 11 years old. We did 3 shows a year with the company as well as doing shows with my school. I feel I was lucky at school as I was in most of the top classes; I had a very academic side and finished with all top results.

What is beauty to you:

Natural beauty and the beauty within.

What do you find beautiful in others:

Their kindness. The most beautiful thing is just being yourself; I also believe that your smile is your most beautiful asset.

What are your thoughts about ageing and beauty:

I feel that you are beautiful no matter what your age. You define yourself when you get older and I think that’s where the true beauty lies.

What gives you strength in life:

Knowing that I have loving family and friends that support me. Also the belief I have in my self that I will get to where I want to be.

What gives you a sense of identity:

I have always struggled with knowing who I am. Finding my own style and feeling comfortable in my own skin has really helped find my identity.

What do you do to keep in shape physically and how often:

I like to work out and keep active. Whether that is running, going to the gym or doing hobbies such as gymnastics. Its also a great release. I also drink a lot of water, it helps my skin, hair and body.

What do you do to look after your skin:

To be honest I don't really do anything. I rarely wear make up and I wash my face with water. The key is using a good moisturizer. My skin has become so soft.

What little things do you buy just for you even though they may never be seen or known to other’s:

When I was 14 years old I played the role of 'Alice' in Alice in Wonderland and just fell in love with it. I completely relate to Alice. I have both books, the DVDs and have recently been buying art work and quotes from it.

A moment in your life that had a big effect on who you are now:

When I was at school I had a bit of a tough time. I got bullied and never really settled into a group or made good friends. This has made me very dependent on myself and rather critical of the things I do. But to be honest I wouldn't be in this career otherwise and I wouldn't be where I am today.



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