Where were you born: Perth, Western Australia

Where do you live now:
New York City

Where are your mother and father from and if you would like to a line or two about them:

My parents are both Australian, my mother was born in New Zealand but grew up in Australia and my father was born in Perth in the 50’s during the baby boom after my pop returned from being POW in the 2nd world war. I’m very close to both of my parents, my mother was an incredible role model. She set the bar pretty high for us, being the first female president of the law society in western Australia and later on becoming a judge. My father was a stay at home dad and later went back to university to become a teacher. Being away from them and my sisters is probably the hardest thing about living overseas.

A couple of things of which you have done or are doing now and your inspiration and reasons for doing them:

I have just launched a wellness website: Where I try to share all things fitness, beauty and wellness related. Either things that I have learnt along my way or am learning from those around me. I wanted to create a honest platform where people could come read my opinions on things and hopefully share a little bit of my knowledge with them. Im also doing an Organic skincare formulation course to hopefully broaden my knowledge in that realm.

What is beauty to you:

Beauty to me is reflected in how you treat those around you and complete strangers.

What do you find beautiful in others:

Little acts of kindness and the ability to speak to people and really listen.

What are your thoughts about ageing and beauty:

I find that aging is something I look forward to, the way I see it is not about the number but more about the life experience. Who I am when I was 18 is not who I am today at 24 and I wouldn’t want to go back. I love living and learning and you can’t do that without aging and with those experiences you can build inner beauty. So what if you have a couple of wrinkles here and there its just a reflection of the person you are growing into and the person you once were.

What gives you strength in life.

What gives me strength is being surrounded by people that bring the best out in you and that only want to lift you up.

What gives you a sense of identity:

Identity to me is what I have done in the past to shape who I am today and the things I am doing now to help shape my future self. I feel its a lot about internal growth and learning about yourself and learning to be confident in who you are as a person and believing in yourself.

What causes are close to you heart:

Climate change: I believe this is a big issue that is too easily dismissed by a lot of people. We should care about the future of this earth and the generations to come. Gun Control: After moving to America this has become a big one for me. Australia we are fortunate enough to have pretty strict gun laws, but the Sad thing is we shouldn’t just be “fortunate” everyone should feel safe. Whether thats going to work, going to school or going to the movies. The idea of someone bringing a gun to any of these things shouldn’t even cross your mind. However sadly in America especially this is not the case.

What do you do to keep in shape physically and how often:

I kind want to combine this with the mind in shape. I work out a lot but that is not just for the benefits physically I work out to help with my anxieties and for mental clarity. I find when I am in good shape physically I have much better control mentally and feel more equipped to deal with any struggles I may be facing mentally.

What do you do to keep in your mind in shape:

Above answer :)

What do you do to look after your skin:

Skincare is super important to me I remember I read someone your skin is your largest organ and you wouldn’t want to be ingestion a whole lot of crap internally so why put it on yourself externally. So that being said, im super cautious of the ingredients in my products and have a pretty good morning and night routine down packed.

What little things do you buy just for you even though they may never be seen or known to others:

Sudoku’s - I have a whole collection of books form literally around the world. Some finished some unfinished, I just love doing them. Especially when I am traveling its a good distraction.

What little things do you do just for you even though they may never be seen or known to others:

Write poems and write things when I feel anxious or upset its a way to help me vent and I also do photo albums. I think everything gets a little bit lost in the digital world so I love having physical albums to flick through and I love making polaroid albums too.

What is one of the most important things for you in you life:

It used to be to make other people proud and now Im trying to focus on making myself proud, I want to be proud of the person. Sometimes that’s about professional growth but a lot of time its personal growth.

Who represents a beautiful person for you at this moment and why:

It would have to be my mum: She has had a pretty tough time in the last 10 years with illness but her resilience and ability to make everyone around her still laugh is beautiful to me.

A moment in your life that had a big effect on who you are now:

For me it wasn’t necessarily a moment but more so a time during my life. I was living in new york when I was 18 I had already been away from home for about 2 years and I was surrounded by some pretty toxic people and I was pretty depressed at the time. It wasn’t until my parents forced me to come home that I realized how bad it was. I spent the next 6 months at home really working on myself and being surrounded by family and friends. I took up a job at a bar and just did something completely opposite to modeling and something separate for the industry. From a really dark period came a time where I learnt so much about myself and what I was capable of.

Any other thoughts on health, mental health, age, beauty, life you would like to share:

The biggest thing I have learnt is that is so important to listen to yourself and your body. If you aren’t feeling 100% a lot of the time then there is a reason why, don’t just ignore it. Work on it. Its also so important to speak to people, so like when I am having off days and I feel my anxiety is pretty bad I always talk it through with my boyfriend and that helps me to stay on top of it. When it comes to life one of my favorite quotes is “it’s better to regret the things you have done than things you haven’t.” Experience the world, different cultures, meet new people and just try not to take things too seriously all the time.