Where were you born.

Brisbane, Australia.

Where do you live now.

Kensington, London.

Where are your mother and father from and if you would like to a line or two about them.

My mother grew up in Queensland and my Father from Townsville. My mother is a midwife and a caring/adventurous soul and my father is an ex pro footballer/ entrepreneur who is hardworking and determined.

A couple of things of which you have done or are doing now or in the near future and your inspiration and reasons for doing them.

I am currently studying a Bachelor of Communication with a double major in Digital Media and Entertainment Industries. The reasoning behind this is i’ve always believed in having a backup plan behind modeling and this course is extremely beneficial due to the variety of different career paths i can take outside of modeling or i can use it to my advantage to start my own business.

What is beauty to you.

As cheesy as it sounds i truly think beauty lies within a person. How one represents themselves can be the ultimate factor to what makes someone beautiful or not. Showing  expression of kindness, empathy, and compassion i think make up a beautiful person.

What do you find beautiful in others.

I think people who genuinely has a good heart, emotional intelligence and a deeper awareness to not only themselves but to others i think makes someone beautiful.

What are your thoughts about ageing and beauty.

I think it’s great!! Let the wrinkles show i say. Ageing isn’t a scary thing as i know by the time i’m old i would have lived many lives and created lots of memories, the wrinkles on my face will be proof of that haha.

What gives you strength in life.

My family and friends give me strength. Also knockbacks and challenges give me the inner strength to get back up and keep going.

What gives you a sense of identity.

My immediate family, my friends and acquaintances i surround myself with, my career, my passions and hobbies, my music taste.

What causes are close to you heart.

A big one for me is health and awareness. Supporting healthcare initiatives and promoting mental health awareness. Also one close to home is Skin Cancer awareness and prevention which are crucial causes where they aim to educate and protect individuals from the risk of skin cancer.

What do you do to keep in shape physically and how often.

I like to do a variety of different exercises. Being in london i try to walk 10,000 steps everyday and either barre or pilates at night. Usually a hiit workout twice a week too.

What do you do to keep in your mind in shape.

I’ve recently got back into meditation which i love. I journal usually once a week, going for walks, fueling my body with nourishing foods, write affirmations every morning and do a full hair/skin pamper day once a week.

What do you do to look after your skin.

Cleanser, sometimes a toner, hyaluronic acid, eye cream, moisturiser and sunscreen!

Drink 2.5L water a day and clean diet.

What little things do you buy just for you even though they may never be seen or known to others.

I like doing small little intricate things like colouring in, gem art, puzzles. Anything where i can fully detach my thoughts and get lost in a activity.

What little things do you do just for you even though they may never be seen or known to others.

I think just any self-care things i do for myself from my hair routine, skin and body. Also very spiritual so anything relating spirituality i like to do in my own time.

What is one of the most important things for you in you life weather its something you have or are looking to achieve.

My family and friends and that they’re happy and healthy, to be in a loving and healthy relationship, and overall to be happy and have financial freedom by working hard now.

Who represents a beautiful person for you at this moment and why.

It would be my bestfriend Saige who lives back home. No matter the time or distance apart we always make the effort to check in on each other, call and update each other everyday of what we are getting up to. She’s someone i’d say is home in a person and for that she is beautiful.

A moment in your life that had a big effect on who you are now.

It was when i graduated high school, i moved to another state to puruse modelling. Had a really bad experience that set back my whole career, physical and mental state. It took my over 2-3 years of resilience and hardwork to get back on my feet to where i am today and for that i am so grateful i went through the hard times to appreciate where i am now.

Any other thoughts on health, mental health, age, beauty, life you would like to share.

When it comes to health, I believe it's crucial to prioritize both physical and mental well-being. Taking care of our mental health is just as important as taking care of our bodies. Age is not a limitation; it's an opportunity to embrace new experiences and wisdom. Beauty should be seen in diverse forms, celebrating uniqueness rather than conforming to societal standards. And in life, I think it's essential to find purpose, cultivate meaningful relationships, and cherish every moment we have.