Where were you born:

My name is Lohana, my nickname is Loha. I was born in France, in the countryside, in Saint Etienne. I am now based in Paris.

Could you tell me a little about your parents:

Both my parents are French, my mom is from Dijon, my father from Usson-en-Forez. They met in Saint Etienne, where I was born. Funny story, after living with my dad for only a few months, my mom accidentally put his apartment on fire (she left the gas opened), which kinda forced them to find a bigger place and move in together for real.

A couple of things of which you have done or are doing now:

I have always been a quiet person, always been into creative and manual things. I’ve been drawing since I was a kid, and am still doing it now. I love oil pastels and draw mostly abstract faces. My art turned into art therapy about a year ago, I now do it when I need to let go of the darkness/bad feelings bottling up inside. I did a little exhibition in Paris in 2018, it was way outside my comfort zone, and it felt like being naked in front of all the people who came. I’ve never been selling the drawings although people keep on asking, because I’ve always done it for myself and wouldn’t like it to be turned into a business.

What little things do you do just for you

I love reading. Fiction, non fiction, historical and psychological books

What is beauty to you.

Beauty is really hard to define. It can be found everywhere if you’re paying attention. It is a pure feeling. The universe, to me, is beautiful, and some persons are beautiful. Beauty in a person is what you read in the eyes of this person; it’s a powerful and positive energy you feel when looking at them. When you dig a little deeper than the pretty face, when you see behind it, when you skip the small talk and connect with them, there resides beauty.

What do you find beautiful in others.

I find it beautiful when others are passionate about something, when they have dreams, when they are free, when they’re true, when they give everything to attain their goals. I find it beautiful when people put others before themselves, when they give of their person to help each other, when they support each other.

What are your thoughts about ageing and beauty.

I think ageing is a cool thing. It’s like, you’ve seen things, you’ve experienced, you’ve connected with people, you’ve learnt lessons in life. And every wrinkle reflects on these things. You’re the sum of all these experiences. I find so many old persons incredibly beautiful, with such strong faces. It kinda says a lot when you look at them, and I’m often wondering what has their life been like.

What gives you strength in life.

Probably knowing I am surrounded by lots of people I care about. It can sound kind of cheesy but also thinking we’ve only got only one life; knowing I’m one with this world. The smallest thing can give me strength when I’m in need, the sun, the sound of the ocean, birds, whatever. Also, I always think about people I’ve met in Asia, people who did so much with so little. This kind of memories gives me strength.

What gives you a sense of identity.

Being at peace with myself and the fact that every human being is different, gives me a sense of identity.

What causes are close to you heart.

Every living thing deserves respect. I don’t know if it’s a « cause » or more a « way of thinking » but well... For that reason I became vegetarian, for that reason I would help stuck animals get out from plastic, not crash spiders (although I’m really scared of them), or talk to a stranger, or buy presents for a homeless person or smile to random people or anything really.

What do you do to keep in shape physically and how often.

I do fitness exercises 4 times a week, I run sometimes, I’ve tried spinning classes as well as bootcamp classes. I just try to stay active to keep in shape. + I eat healthy most of the time (except when I see cookies)

What do you do to keep in your mind in shape.

To keep a healthy mind to me is actually linked to having a healthy body, so working out also clears my mind. And then, I read, I see friends, I try not to take critics too personally, I treat myself sometimes, I take vacations.

What do you do to look after your skin.

Having a healthy lifestyle is good for the skin : I don’t smoke, I almost never drink alcohol, I try to drink more water. I do not wear foundation (except on jobs), I wash my face in the morning and put some coconut oil before sleeping.

What little things do you buy just for you even though they may never be seen or known to others

What things I buy for myself other may never seen: French pastries, as soon as I buy them it kinda disappears. Just kidding; I love rings. I buy lots of rings, when the seller tells me a little story about them -it may or may not be true but if the story is good I don’t really care, I’ll just get the ring. I’ve got one from Egypt, one from Nepal, two from India and one from Turkey. I like to think it comes from overseas, that it has travelled before and will travel again with me.

What little things do you do just
for you even though they may never be seen or known to others.

Things I do for me: lay down in parks, feel the sunshine, and look at the clouds. Growing up in a very small city in countryside, we used to spend a lot of time in the garden with my sisters so I like doing it sometimes, alone, no one to bother me, no phone. Just waiting still and letting my mind wonder.

What is one of the most important things for you in you life whether it’s something you have or are looking to achieve.

The most important thing in life would be to be happy and content with the life we have got.

Who represents a beautiful person for you at this moment and why

So many beautiful persons coming to my mind. First one is my boyfriend, Adam. He has such strength and such a powerful mind. He has been through hard phases in life, I can only imagine how lonely it can have felt sometimes, but he has always overcome them. He is hungry to learn, hungry to live. I admire him for that. Second person, my Russian friend Ksenia. She is probably the nicest person I have ever met, the most optimistic and the funniest person. She comes from a very tough background, I won’t get into details. Most people would have turned into completely fucked up people. But not her; she has the biggest heart I know of. Being beautiful isn’t about being pretty although I find them both pretty. But it’s ton more than that.

A moment in your life that had a big effect on who you are now

When you asked to think on a moment in my life that had had a big impact, I thought of the death of my grand father, to whom I was close. Of him lying down in a morgue. This is obviously not the way I think of him most of the time, but the picture is stuck in my head and it has had a really big impact on me. He was the first person I knew to die and I was young and it made me realize we would all go at some point. And that you would never know when it would happen and why. Lots of things I’ve done, I’ve done them remembering that we don’t last forever

Any other thoughts on health, mental health, age, beauty, life you would like to share.

Be free, be content with the simplest thing, and don’t have any regrets

Thanks Loha