Where were you born:

Bagsværd, Denmark. 20 min from Copenhagen.

  Where do you live now::

Vesterbro, Copenhagen.

 Where are your mother and father from and if you would like to a line or two about them:

Both of my parents are from smaller towns on the countryside of Denmark, North of Jutland and Langeland. They met in Copenhagen and decided to stay close to the city.

 A couple of things of which you have done or are doing now and your inspiration and reasons for doing them:

I started studying architecture this year. Ive always been interested in furniture design and architecture, but I never really trusted my own creativity before last year. I decided to test some smaller courses and I immediately fell in love with the subject. I would lie if the inspiration didn’t also came from my parents and grandad who are all architects.

  What is beauty to you.

When people are well-balanced with who they are.