Where were you born.


Where do you live now.

London and New York

Where are your mother and father from and if you would like to a line or two about them.

My mother is from Australia and my dad is Nigerian.  My mother is also half Irish my hero and a very hard working lady.

A couple of things of which you have done or are doing now or in the near future and your inspiration and reasons for doing them,.

I am the ambassador of the OVF (oviarian cancer foundation ) Australia

I would like to get more involved in other children charities and adoption centers.

What is beauty to you.

Beauty comes from the inside How you treat people and carry yourself I think is very important , it gives off a certain energy to people and I think beautiful energy is contagious

What do you find beautiful in others.

There personalities and kindness

What little things do you do just for you even though they may never be seen or known to others.

Take time for myself with my friends and family, I try to not go onto social media as it takes up a lot of time and can be draining

What is one of the most important things for you in you life weather its something you have or are looking to achieve.

Most important thing for my is having a happy family and working very hard as when I work it keeps me motivated and happy.

Who represents a beautiful person for you at this moment and why.

My mother as she is the Strongest  person

I know and is everything I want to be. Her goals her life her values

A moment in your life that had a big effect on who you are now.

When my grandma got sick a few years ago it taught me life is short and to cherish every moment.