What are your thoughts about ageing and beauty.

I feel that many people are so obsessed with not ageing but it is a beautiful, natural thing that should be embraced. I think it’s important to focus on what you have and if you want to change something about your appearance, you should do what makes you happy. Being in the industry that I’m in, I can’t help but always feel a silent pressure to look young and look good. I channel that into my motivation to stay fit and healthy and be the best possible version of myself in the areas which I can control.

What gives you strength in life.

Family. Every time I go home or visit my family it brings my focus back to what really matters to me the most in life. I think it’s very important to find your source of strength that keeps you on the right track, motivated and level-headed.

What do you do to keep in shape physically and how often.

I love to exercise. I enjoy doing high impact, fast, competitive training. Boxing is one of my favourite forms of training. Not only does it strengthen my body but it also teaches me the skills to be able to defend myself. It takes a lot of endurance to push through any exercise, especially when you get tired and your body wants to give up. Boxing also helps me practice mental strength, which is harder but more powerful than physical strength - mind over matter.

What do you do to keep in your mind in shape.

I am a very curious person, I read up about a lot of different topics that I find interesting. I’m an avid reader and that helps with my vocabulary. I love to do the crossword with my boyfriend or challenge him to a game of backgammon, even though he schools me every time.

What little things do you buy just for you even though they may never be seen or known to others:

I love small things like miniature versions of products, I stack up on these like they are going out of fashion. I also spend most of my money on collector’s editions of classic books… and pastries.

What do you do to look after your skin.

I probably shouldn’t say this, but whatever shower gel is in the shower gets used as my facial cleanser. I like to stick to the basics with skincare. Diet and water intake makes a big difference, other than that I moisturise and apply spf50 daily.