In the Face
of others

is a series of
exploring the
beauty and

In the face of others is a series of portraits and interviews through which I explore how we see and think about beauty, how we perceive it in others and in ourselves.  And how what we see in others is linked to our sense of self.

As a photographer I have long been fascinated by what we find beautiful; questioning if one can have an innate beauty or rather if beauty is something that can only be bestowed upon us.  Is it something we are, or something we see? And what does that which we see say about ourselves and our world view?

To explore the idea I began taking portraits of people in moments that were free from expectations, both theirs and mine.  My intention to capture an honesty with each portrait capturing a precious moment in time. One free from agenda, ego, retouching and manipulation. And only subject to our personal projection and subjective interpretation.

In sharing this project I hope you will find in these portraits, and in yourselves, your own answers to what it is you see In the face of others.

Thank you.

Nick Kelly

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